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my pet Joey

Would you like to meet my pet"Joey"? Look at him. Isn't he adorable?
He is almost a year old and a little spoiled by my family and me. He is very friendly and loves to meet new friends of mine. When my friends come over my house, he greets them with a kiss and cheerfulness. Some are annoyed by his friendly action and some love to pet him in amazement that how cute and friendly he is.
He loves to play with children and grownups. When he is bored, he usually takes a nap next to me.
He loves to watch TV with us and his favorite show is "the Funniest Animals in the World." He wishes to play with all those talented animals in the world;sometimes he barks at them and other times he growls at them; he thinks they are on TV with reality.
He is a little mischievous at times but a good pet and my family and I love him amd take good care of him.

Let's learn about the Boston Terrier.

History of Boston Terrier:
The gentle and affectionate Boston Terrier was originally bred to be a small fighting dog and was developed in much the same way as the other fighting breeds of the 19th century--by crossing formidable bulldogs with a variety of tough and tenacious terriers. The 19th century Bulldog looked quite different than our modern sourmug. He was taller,leaner and more agile,with straight front legs and longer muzzle. In creating the Boston Terrier, the accent was on smallness in addition to strength and stamina, so the most compact bulldogs were used for breeding. During the 1850s, the bulldog and terrier cross became quite popular and dogs resulting from such breedings were called Bull-and-Terriers or Half-and-Halfs. Eventually these Half-and-Halfs were bred to each other, and the ancient Bull-and-Terrier became the ancestor of the modern Boston Terrier, as well as the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, Bull Terrier and American Pit Bull Terrier.
Characteristics of the Boston Terrier
Lively and freindly, the Boston Terrier is a highly intelligent, smallish dog with a short, shiny coat, and equally short muzzle and large, expressive eyes.

Highly adaptable, a Boston Terrier can be happy in a small apartment or on a spacious farm. The short and shiny Boston Terrier coat needs little grooming to stay glossy and clean.

The Boston Terrier is a house dog. Unable to tolerate cold temperatures or drafty basements, he needs cozy quarters near his human family and can get enough exercise even in a small apartment. When allowed outdoors, he should be in a securely fenced yard with sufficient shade, shelter and fresh water.

The typical Boston adores children, and will happily play games with them for hours provided the youngsters have been taught how to safely and gently handle a pet. Special care must be taken to keep toddlers from injuring a Boston's big eyes.

socialization brings out the best in a Boston's personality. Bostons get along well with other pets, even cats, but an occasional male may be scrappy with other male dogs. Since they are extremely receptive to praise, trainig them is just a matter of a little time and patience. Some Bostons have a slight stubborn streak, but a composed and consistent owner will easily win out. Training your Boston is more than worth the effort, because once a Boston learns the rules, or perfects trick, he never forgets.

The Boston loves human companionship and will contentedly curl up in a loving lap, emitting an amusing variety of grunts, snorts and wheezes while thumping his tiny tail. Anxious to please, he usually adjusts to his owner's activity level. Living with a Boston is never boring. Extremely fun loving. this dog greets each day with renewed cheer.

written by Jacqueline O'neil
Guide To Owning a Boston Terrier

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